Welcome to the Family

​The Pinnacle in Galway MMA & BJJ. We are a Beginner friendly MMA, BJJ & Fitness Gym based in Galway City & Gort town. We teach complete beginners to professional fighters, Whether your new to martial arts or a black belt in a certain style, we can help you develope into a more complete martial artist. What will you learn here?... You will learn all the essential aspects of unarmed combat. Striking-Clinching-Wrestling & Submission Locks. ( MMA ) If Striking is'nt for you? "Try our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes." BJJ is a traditional grappling art that teaches you how to control & Submit a person without striking a single blow. Childrens MMA & BJJ Classes:We call our kids classes "KUNG FU KIDS". The children at our classes learn bags of practical martial arts skills whilst having loads of fun in the process. They will gain fitness, balance, coordination, self-belief & self-restraint.